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Carex Sitzbath

2012 December 13
Posted by briggshemorrhoids

Finding a great product that can help you with hemorrhoid issues is important. No one should have to continue suffering from them. One product you may wish to try is the Carex Sitzbath. It certainly has plenty of benefits to offer you:

  • Works for hemorrhoids in both the genital and anal regions

  • Conveniently fits your toilet

  • Easy to use

  • No need for ointments, creams, or pills

  • Discreet shipping

Get Relief at Home

The design of the Carex Sitzbath allows you to get hemorrhoid relief at home. The product fits your toilet and so you can sit there in the solution in comfort. It offers a solution that you can put to work fast for your hemorrhoids. You also don’t have to settle for messing ointments or creams. You won’t need to take pills every day either. This is a safe solution for anyone including women who are pregnant or happen to be nursing.

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The Carex Sitzbath is designed to offer you a method for relief. There is a solution that comes with it and you place it into the tubing. The solution runs though the bath area of it. Don’t worry about a mess because the overflow design prevents that from happening. This product is easy to set up and to use. You can read a book or magazine while you sit and allow it to work for you. There are additional solutions you can buy separately too when you need more.


When you purchase the Carex Sitzbath you will find that it comes in the mail right away. It is also packaged with your privacy in mind. You don’t have to worry that anyone knows what you have purchased or why. You can also buy this product at some local retailers if you aren’t embarrassed to do so.

 You can determine for yourself how many times a day to use the Carex Sitzbath. Many people find that using it twice per day offers them quite a bit of relief. You can also decide how long you want each session to last. Since your hemorrhoids are different from those of someone else some experimentation can help you to get it figured out.

 Save Money

 Another reason to consider the Carex Sitzbath is you can save lots of money. You only have to make the initial investment in it. Then you can also buy the additional solution for a low cost. This is much less than what you will pay for creams, ointments, and pills to use for the treatment of hemorrhoids.

 A Different Approach

 The Carex Sitzbath offers you a different approach too for you to treat hemorrhoids. What you have been doing so far may not have been enough to take care of the problem for you because your body needed something else. You should give a try and see for yourself what this natural solution may be able to offer you. This could be the method of taking care of hemorrhoids that you have needed all along.

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